River Falls Drainage Study

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) Division of Transportation Engineering is conducting a storm drainage study in the River Falls neighborhood. The study is funded by a grant from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MD DNR) Chesapeake and Coastal Service.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the existing storm drain system capacity and to determine potential upgrades within the drainage areas of these storm drains to improve climate resiliency and reduce the risk of flooding. The study is for information gathering, planning and budgetary cost estimates. Although the study will include recommendations for improvements, any physical improvements will be planned and funded at a future date.

The drainage areas include the southern portion of the River Falls neighborhood primarily between River Falls Drive and Brickyard Road, and the northern portion of the River Falls neighborhood including portions of the Fawcett Farms neighborhood that drain east down Rock Run Drive and Brickyard Road. Areas not included in the study include areas draining into the Rockwood Special Park stream including Fawcett Farms Manor, Schultz Tract, Da Da Woods, and the southwest portion of River Falls west of River Falls Drive drain.

MCDOT understands that there are multiple areas of concern. If you have experienced flooding in the neighborhood, please forward a description and any photos or videos to the MCDOT Drainage Assistance Request program staff.

River Falls Drainage Assessment

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