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Office of the County Executive

Montgomery County New Laws 

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INFORMATION:       Copies are available from the Council Office in the Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville 240-777-7900.



TRANSMISSION FACILITY COORDINATION - AMENDMENTS:  Bill 20-05 clarifies that telecommunications facilities, radio broadcasting towers, and television broadcasting towers are subject to the transmission facility coordinating process; and generally amends the law regarding telecommunication facility coordination.


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COORDINATING COUNCIL - ESTABLISHMENT:  Bill 23-05 establishes a Domestic Violence Coordinating Council with certain requirements regarding composition, terms, duties, voting, meetings, and staffing; and generally amends the law governing coordination of County, State, Federal, and community efforts relating to domestic violence, including prevention, intervention, treatment, law enforcement, prosecution, correctional, and advocacy efforts.


FOREST CONSERVATION - ENFORCEMENT:  Expedited Bill 27-05 repeals a limit on certain penalties for noncompliance with the forest conservation law and certain fees payable under the forest conservation law; clarifies that criminal penalties may be applied to enforce the forest conservation law; further specifies the basis of and criteria for setting an administrative civil penalty levied under the forest conservation law; and generally amends the enforcement provisions of the forest conservation law.


CONDOMINIUMS - CONVERSION OF RENTAL HOUSING:  Expedited Bill 29-05 modifies the priority rules governing allocation of certain extended leases when certain rental housing is converted to condominiums; clarifies that a person who leases a rental housing unit but does not reside in the unit may execute an extended lease on behalf of certain eligible households under certain circumstances; makes certain legislative findings; defines certain terms; provides that  this Act does not apply to a rental facility for which the owner has given certain notice before a certain date; makes certain technical and stylistic changes; and generally amends the law governing conversion of rental housing to condominiums.


SILVER SPRING PARKING LOT DISTRICT - AMENDMENTS:  Expedited Bill 33-05 modifies the boundaries of the Silver Spring Parking Lot District; and generally amends the County law regarding parking lot districts.


SOUTH GERMANTOWN RECREATIONAL PARK - TENNIS CENTER - LEASE AMENDMENTS:  Expedited Bill 34-05 approves amendments to a certain ground lease between the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission and the Germantown Recreational Park Racquet and Fitness Center LLC for certain land at South Germantown Recreational Park.


Bill 36-04
identifies specific practices related to lending activities that constitute discriminatory housing practices; clarifies that a person must not engage in discriminatory lending practices; increases compensatory damages for humiliation and embarrassment for all forms of discrimination; requires the Office of Human Rights to provide the Executive and Council with an annual report on discriminatory lending practices in the County; requires the Office of Human Rights to educate the public about discriminatory lending practices; establishes procedures for the Office of Consumer Protection to assist potential victims of discriminatory, predatory, or abusive lending practices; and generally amends County law regarding discrimination in real estate.


TAXICAB - FEES:  Expedited Bill 37-05 authorizes the County Council to set by resolution adopted after a public hearing certain taxicab fees charged by the Director of the Department of Public Works and Transportation; identifies the circumstances under which this type of resolution takes effect; and generally amends the law governing fees charged to taxicab owners and drivers.


MINORITY OWNED BUSINESS PURCHASING PROGRAM - EXTENSION:  Expedited Bill 40-05 extends the sunset date for the minority owned business purchasing program; and generally provides for a minority owned business purchasing program.


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