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Office of the County Executive

Montgomery County Council New Laws 

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INFORMATION:       Copies are available from the Council Office in the Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville 240-777-7900.



TAXICABS - AMENDMENTS - Expedited Bill 27-06 temporarily modifies the process by which an applicant for a taxicab driver identification card may receive a temporary identification card; temporarily suspends the application of certain provisions of law relating to the criminal background check necessary to issue a taxicab driver's identification card; revises the schedule for issuing new taxicab passenger vehicle licenses; and generally amends the law regulating taxicabs and taxicab drivers.  Effective Date:  October 13, 2006.


WORK RELEASE/PRE-RELEASE PROGRAMS - AMENDMENTS - Expedited Bill 34-06 formalizes the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation's home confinements and electronic monitoring program; increases the maximum length of community incarceration; and generally amends the law governing work release and pre-release programs.  Effective Date:  January 12, 2007.


FOREST CONSERVATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE - ESTABLISHMENT - Bill 36-06 establishes a Forest Conservation Advisory Committee.  Effective Date:  January 12, 2007.



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