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Office of the County Executive

Montgomery County Council New Laws 

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INFORMATION:      Copies are available from the Council Office in the Council Office Building,

                             100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville 240/777-7900.


CONSUMER PROTECTION - ADVISORY COMMITTEE - MEMBERSHIP - Bill 13-09, modifies the membership of the Advisory Committee on Consumer Protection; and generally amends the law related to consumer protection.  Effective date:  October 21, 2009


CONTRACTS AND PROCUREMENT - MINORITY OWNED BUSINESSES - AMENDMENTS - Expedited Bill 25-09, extends the deadline the Executive must submit to the Council a report that evaluates the minority owned business purchasing program; and extends the sunset date for the County's minority owned business purchasing program.  Effective date:  June 30, 2009


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COORDINATING COUNCIL - MEMBERSHIP - Expedited Bill 26-09, alters the membership on the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council; and generally amends the law establishing the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.  Effective date:  July 9, 2009


MOTOR VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC - PARKING REGULATIONS - RECREATIONAL VEHICLES - Expedited Bill 28-09, further restricts the parking of certain recreational vehicles on a public roadway; and generally amends the law regarding vehicle parking.  Effective date:  July 1, 2009


BOND AUTHORIZATION - Expedited Bill 29-09, authorizes the County to issue certain bonds; and authorizes the bonds and bonds previously authorized to be issued to be consolidated for sale and issued, sold, and delivered as a single issue.  Effective date:  September 28, 2009


ADMINISTRATION - CONSIDERATION OF BILLS - ONE SUBJECT - Bill 31-09, requires bills enacted by the Council to contain only one subject; and generally amends the law governing Legislative Sessions.  Effective date:  January 7, 2010






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