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Office of the County Executive

Montgomery County Register

October 1, 2015 Adopted  Executive Regulations


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                           Local Small Business Reserve Program 
SUMMARY:  This regulation amends the Local Small Business Reserve Program regulations to:
1)  Increase the size criteria for services vendors from 50 employees or $5 Million to 100 employees or $10 million average gross sales in the most recently completed three fiscal years;
2)  Add language in the qualification criteria to require the LSBRP contractors to provide, at a minimum, 51% of measurable work on the contract, measured by the dollar amount, unless the Director specifies, in writing, a lower percentage based on a particular contract’s scope of work;
3)  Update certification procedure language to replace “LSBRP self-certification” with “Local Small Business
Reserve Application” to minimize confusion; and,
4)  Update language in the definitions section and the exemption categories section to be consistent with the LSBRP Bill and other compliance programs
ACTION:  Executive Regulation 6-15 was approved by the County Council according to the Method 2 review process, effective September 15, 2015.
AUTHORIZATION AND PROCEDURAL METHOD Montgomery County Code, 2014, Section, 11B-65.  Method 2.
COPIES OF THE ADOPTED REGULATION:  A copy of the regulation may be obtained from Grace Denno, Chief, Office of Business Relations and Compliance, Office of Procurement, 255 Rockville Pike, Suite 180, Rockville, Maryland, 20850; 240-777-9959;

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