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Councilmember Evan Glass currently serves on the Health and Human Services (HHS) and Transportation & Environment (T&E) committees. 

Health and Human Services (HHS)

Jurisdiction: As the Council’s point person on homelessness and vulnerable communities, Councilmember Evan Glass’ work on the HHS committee is driven by compassion. As a member of the committee, Councilmember Evan Glass addresses issues related to public health, mental health, social and emotional well being of children, agency oversight and budget reviews. It was on this committee where Councilmember Evan Glass worked to secure more funding for mental health resources and strengthened homelessness prevention operations in Montgomery County.

Transportation & Environment (T&E)

Jurisdiction: Councilmember Evan Glass’ assignment to the Transportation and Environment Committee is reflective of his commitment to help Montgomery County stay on a brighter, more sustainable path. The committee discusses issues related to pedestrian and street safety, water and electricity utilities, as well as sustainability and environmental protection. Recent committee work involves vetting the Department of Environmental Protection’s plans to revamp our solid waste and resource recovery operations.

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