About County Government

Montgomery County is proud of the services it offers. These include some of the best in the nation, which we strive to deliver in keeping with our Vision Statement and Guiding Principles. An organization chart is provided to show you the various levels of the County government.

Approved by the voters in 1968 and implemented in 1970, the Montgomery County  Charter provides for a Council/Executive form of government.

The County is composed of the Executive and Legislative branches. The Judicial system consists of the County's Circuit Court, the state District Court, the Court of Special Appeals and Court of Appeals.

The Executive Branch implements and enforces Montgomery County's laws and provides executive direction to the government. Its chief executive officer is the County Executive. There are over 30 executive branch  departments and agenciesthat help to deliver services to county residents.  Libraries, Transportation and  Police are just a few.

The Legislative Branch consists of the  County Council and five related agencies. The Charter defines the Council's powers in three major areas: legislation, land use, and the budget. The other agencies of the Legislative Branch are:

The Judicial System is responsible for the resolution of all matters involving civil and criminal law in the County. The Circuit Court for Montgomery County is the trial Court of general jurisdiction that has full common law equity powers in all civil and criminal cases, along with additional powers and jurisdiction conferred by the Constitution. It is the only Court in the County having the authority to conduct jury trials. Its jurisdiction is very broad and it handles major civil cases and more serious criminal cases.

Additionally, there is the District Court of Maryland, the Court of Special Appeals, and the Court of Appeals.

Montgomery County Public Schools operate under the authority of the  Board of Education, which is an eight-member body - seven elected by county voters and one student representative, elected by county students.

The Superintendent of Schools, appointed by the Board, provides daily administration of the schools. The school's overall operating and capital budgets are determined by the County Executive and County Council. However, the line-item distribution of the funds within the school system is set by the Superintendent and the Board of Education.

Montgomery College - the County's two-year college - operates under the authority of its Board of Trustees. The College's overall budget is determined by the County Executive and the County Council and is managed by the trustees.

There are four other agencies whose's budgets are determined by the County government but have certain autonomy over their operation. These four agencies are: