Innovation Accelerator Primer

Are you ready to accelerate your work making Montgomery County better - effective, efficient, equitable?

The Innovation Accelerator Primer is a fully-remote introduction to structured problem solving and the Innovation Accelerator community.

Supported by a cohort of peers from across County government, you’ll work to make three things better for yourself, your team, and those you serve. Innovation Accelerators have already digitized forms so they no longer have to enter data by hand, saved themselves from dozens of interruptions a week, redesigned processes to reduce errors, and made it easier for those we serve to get the value they want.

If you want to make things better and are looking for tools and support to do so, this is the space for accelerating your success. The best people to make a process or system better are the people in the process or system. Be a founding community member of County peers driving innovation in Montgomery County.

Apply to the Innovation Accelerator

Sheronda presents her project

Who's eligible

Any Montgomery County employee is eligible to apply, as long as you

  • are committed to making things better
  • choose to participate yourself of your own free will
  • have the support of your manager who understands the time commitment of being an Innovation Accelerator

We are committed to meeting you where you are and helping you to take the next step.

About the Primer

The Primer is an experiential project-based learning course. You'll be learning skills by putting those skills into action on actual projects for which you are responsible. If you are working on improving a process, designing a new service, or making something better, this course will support and accelerate your progress.

You will deliver innovations with no new budget, no new people, and no new technology (although we strongly encourage use of technology already in our portfolio), thereby allowing you to create change within your control.

The remote course is a prototype - it's going to be a lot of fun and accelerate your ability to makes things better. You can also expect it to be a human, messy, work-in-progress. You'll build community with a fellow group of self-starting innovators from across County government and help build the future of innovation in Montgomery County.

The course will take place on Zoom and use an online canvas and whiteboard tool, Mural.