Areas of Work

Towards a just, liberating, human government, the Innovation@MCG Team works with the people of Montgomery County Government building power and organizing systems to meet our communities’ needs. We currently act in three areas – be an Accelerator, lead civic design, and open innovation.

The Accelerator is an introduction to a structured problem-solving course and community. Accelerators grow their ability to create change by creating change. With guidance, coaching, and experiential education, Accelerators use a mix of process improvement, human centered design, and other methods as they work on projects to improve outcomes for Montgomery County. Learn more about the Accelerator.

We lead civic design by supporting our colleagues across Montgomery County government to more deeply understand challenges and redesign how government serves people. Civic design leads work towards a future where (a) experiences with MCG are intuitive, welcoming, transparent, and meet people’s needs (b) those most impacted by the problems shape the solutions (c) colleagues practice the civic design methods and mindsets that center humans. Working with our colleagues through a human centered design process to understand challenges, explore solutions, and deliver change, civic design leads facilitate progress on cross-departmental challenges such as improving hiring and the customer experience. Learn more about our projects.

We open innovation to all and invite in curiosity, play, and belonging to advance a just, human, liberating County. We open innovation with liberating structures, facilitation, tools, and events. We open innovation with fellowships and partnerships to create space for new opportunities to emerge. Learn more about our events.