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What to Expect in A Partnership

Getting started

  1. Complete our Intake Form to let us know you’re interested in collaborating!
  2. We’ll schedule a quick intake call that covers these questions. Sometimes we’ll also have a follow-up call if needed.
  3. We will make a decision based on our team and potential partner bandwidth, County leadership priorities, and skill match. When we’re not able to take on a project, we strive to provide guidance or resources that may help teams work on the challenge independently or connect with other teams that face similar challenges.
  4. We jointly scope the work to set goals and expectations, establish parameters of engagement, and lay out a draft plan of action.

Doing the work

Expectations for successful partnership

  • Openness to challenging previously held ideas and exploring solutions (I.e. you’re not already set on a solution)
  • Support of departmental and team leadership
  • Dedicated point of contact and project ‘Owner’ from the partner
  • Agreement on ways of working from the start of the project
  • Participation and bandwidth allocated from partner staff