Assistant Chief - Nicholas Augustine

Email[email protected]

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Lisa Engestrom  Email[email protected]

The Investigative Services Bureau is the primary investigative branch for serious and violent crime in Montgomery County. Detectives are assigned to one of the four divisions in this Bureau. They are responsible for investigations leading to the detection, identification, apprehension, and prosecution of persons responsible for committing serious crimes in the County. The Bureau is comprised of five major divisions.

Criminal Investigations Division

Captain Marc Erme, Director
Main Number: 240-773-5060
Email:  [email protected]

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of the following:

Major Crimes Division

Captain Sean Gagen, Director
Main Number: 240-773-5070
Email:  [email protected]

The Major Crimes Division consists of the following:

  • Auto Crimes Enforcement Section (ACES)
  • Fugitive Section
  • Homicide Section
  • Missing Persons/Cold Case Section
  • Robbery Section
  • Victim/Witness Assistance Unit

Special Investigations Division

Captain Ian Clark, Director
Main Number: 240-773-5959
Email:  [email protected]

The Special Investigations Division consists of the following:

  • Criminal Enterprise Section
    • Criminal Street Gang Unit
    • Electronic/Technical Surveillance Unit
    • Repeat Offender Unit
    • Vice/Intelligence Unit
      • Joint Terrorism Task Force
      • Human Trafficking 
    • Digital Intelligence and Analysis Unit
    • Criminal Intelligence Analysis Unit
  • Drug Enforcement Section
    • Drug Interdiction Unit
    • Drug Investigative Unit
    • Firearms Investigative Unit
      • Privately Manufactured Firearms (PMFs or Ghost Guns)
    • Major Offenders/Conspiracy Unit
    • Pharmaceutical Unit
    • Asset Forfeiture Unit

Special Victims Investigations Division

Captain Jeffrey Bunge, Director
Main Number: 240-773-5400
Email:  [email protected]

The Division is responsible for investigating sex crimes against children and adults, physical child abuse, runaways, missing children, felony domestic violence, elder abuse/vulnerable adult abuse, and registration violations of sex offenders. The SVID consists of the following:

  • Child Abuse/Sexual Assault Section
  • Child Exploitation Section
  • Domestic Violence/Elder Abuse Section
  • Missing Children/Runaway Section
  • Sex Offender Registry Unit
  • Sexual Assault Section

Forensic Science Evidence Management Division

Ms. Jennifer Breaux, Director
Main Number: 240-773-5134
Email:  [email protected]

The Forensic Science Evidence Management Division is responsible for analyzing and managing evidence. The FSEMD consists of the following:

  • Evidence Management Section
  • Crime Laboratory Section
    • Forensic Biology Unit
    • Forensic Chemistry Unit
    • Electronic Crimes Unit
    • Crime Scene Unit
    • Firearms Examination Unit
    • Latent Print Unit
    • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Program