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Snow Removal Claims Guidelines

Snow Removal Claims Guidelines

Property located within the right of way


  • If a resident's mailbox within the County's right of way has been damaged by physical contact with a snowplow or other piece of snow removal equipment, the County will replace it with a U.S. Postal Service-approved standard mailbox affixed to a wooden post. The County will not replace or pay for damage to a non-standard mailbox, e.g.; ornamental, brick, stone, that is located within the County right of way.
  • The County will not replace a mailbox damaged as a result of the weight or impact of snow and ice being moved by a snowplow if there has been no physical contact with the mailbox by a piece of equipment.
  • Call MC 311 to report mailbox damage.

Other Structures

Occasionally, structures other than mailboxes are placed within the right of way. Claims for damage to structures that are permitted in the right of way will be handled as follows:

  • The County will pay the cost of repair or replacement if there has been physical contact with the structure.
  • The County will not pay for damage caused by the movement of snow or ice.
  • The County will not assume responsibility for damage caused to un-permitted structures located within the right of way.


Property owners often plant and seed within the right of way abutting their property. During the ordinary course of removing snow, damage to this kind of landscaping can occur - from movement of snow and ice, contact with equipment and from salting.

  • The County will not reimburse a resident for damage to landscaping and plants that have been placed within the road right of way.
  • If the County maintains the right of way, the area will be repaired and re-seeded by the County. The County will not reimburse an abutting property owner for any repair and replacement work done by the property owner.

Private Property and Parked Vehicles

Snow removal activities do not usually cause damage to private property located outside the right of way of roads maintained by the County. However, in the event any private property was damaged as a result of snow removal operations, an investigation will be conducted and liability of the County will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Whenever possible in advance of a snow storm, vehicle owners should attempt to park their vehicles off the street. We recognize that this is not always possible. Occasionally, parked vehicles may be struck by snow removal equipment. Liability for damage to privately owned vehicles will be determined after a full investigation of the occurrence.

Salt and Sand Distribution

Salt and sand distribution is a necessary part of snow and ice removal and is considered normal roadway maintenance. Generally these operations do not cause damage to vehicles unless the vehicle is following too closely and refuses to yield to a snow removal vehicle.

The County will not pay for paint damage to vehicles caused by normal salt and sand distribution.


The County periodically hires contractors to help with snow removal. Contractors are required to carry insurance to cover damage for which they may be liable. In the event of damage caused by a contractor, a claim must be filed directly with the contractor. The County cannot assume responsibility for damage caused by contractors.

Claims for Damage

To file a claim for damage as a result of snow removal operations, then please call MC311 (311) or submit a MC311 Service Request on-line.