About ultraMontgomery

ultraMontgomery is a broadband economic development program. ultraMontgomery supports cost-effective, competitive access to robust, reliable and secure broadband services and ultra high-speed networks for businesses throughout in Montgomery County. ultraMontgomery also works to ensure all residents and business can participate in the digital economy. ultraMontgomery was launched by County Executive Isiah Leggett December 1, 2014 and has been actively supported by Councilmember Hans Riemer, Lead for Digital Government. Said Mr. Leggett, “We live at a time when Internet connectivity and network infrastructure is just as fundamental to our economic future as are transportation systems, which requires us to have robust fiber networks to connect people with opportunities, and move our economy at the speed of our ideas. I am, therefore, launching ultraMontgomery, a high-speed fiber network that will connect our business, academic and federal institutions along major corridors and transit-oriented smart-growth communities.” In announcing his support for the ultraMontgomery program, Mr. Riemer said “to drive the next generation of economic success and improvements in our quality of life, Montgomery County should create ultra high-speed (100+ gigabits per second), ultra reliable, and ultra secure networks that connect our own centers of research and economic activity – our innovation districts – with similar centers around the region and globe.”

ultraMontgomery is part of the Office of Broadband Programs which is part of the Technology Enterprise Business Services. ultraMontgomery works closely with the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation, the Office of the County Executive, the Montgomery County Council, broadband network and service providers, commercial real estate developers, and building owners and property managers. ultraMontgomery conducts community engagement through business roundtables, focus groups, and town hall meetings. ultraMontgomery projects are implemented through public-private partnerships, with seed money or by serving as facilitator to enhance the exchange of information and resources between businesses and broadband service and fiber providers. ultraMontgomery works to expand gigabit infrastructure, conduct business engagement, and to grow participation by all businesses and residents in the digital economy. The program has a specific focus to support growth in six target market sectors identified in the County's Comprehensive Economic Strategy: Bio Health/Sciences; IT and Cybersecurity; Financial services; Advanced Manufacturing; Corporate/regional HQ; Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

For more information about the program, please contact:

Mitsuko R. Herrera, ultraMontgomery Program Director

Joseph Webster, Chief Broadband Officer