In Montgomery County, severe and fatal crashes are not distributed evenly across our neighborhoods. Communities with higher rates of poverty, persons of color, and younger residents have higher collision rates compared to the rest of the County.

Because of these disparities, Montgomery County created a task force to recommend changes to policies and practices for engineering, education, and enforcement in order to close the gap and eventually eliminate traffic fatalities from our roadways. Below are links to the meeting materials and summaries.

Vision Zero Equity Task Force Final Report

Final Report: Read the report and recommendations

Meeting #1 - Overview and Defining Equity - March 7, 2019 7-9PM

Meeting #2 - Equity in Engineering Projects - May 2, 2019 7-9PM

Meeting #3 - Equity in Safety Education Campaigns - June 5, 2019 7-9PM

Meeting #4 - Equity in Traffic Law Enforcement - June 18, 2019 7-9PM

Meeting #5 - Drafting Equity Framework - July 30, 2019 7-9PM

Vision Zero & Equity -  Resources