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Division of Fleet Management Services

Maintenance Facilities

Fleet Management operates 5 shops in 4 main facilities and 6 Satellite Depots.

The Division's transit shops in Silver Spring, Kensington and Gaithersburg maintain the bus fleet for Ride On transit service.

The Gaithersburg location also hosts our Heavy shop, which maintains our heavy fleet of dump trucks, leafers, pavers, snow plow equipment and a variety of other pieces of heavy equipment. Seven Locks location manages and maintains the County's Light fleet, including police and emergency vehicles, vans, trucks and SUV's.

The Depots are located in Gaitherburg, Poolesville, Damascus, Bethesda, Colesville, and Silver Spring. Each depot provides direct vehicle maintenance support for the Division of Highways Services.

Our Shops

Equipment Maintenance & Transit Operation Center (EMTOC)

Big truck

Heavy Shop 
16700 Crabbs Branch Way 
Rockville, MD 20855 
Phone: 240-777-5761

Transit Shop  Warehouse vehicles

16700 Crabbs Branch Way 
Rockville, MD 20855 
Phone: 240-777-5751

Mechanic working
County Fueling Sites Maintenance Facilities Services
Vehicles for Auction Contact Fleet
Our Depots
Bethesda Depot 
1283 Seven Locks Road 
Rockville, MD 20854

Colesville Depot 
14335 Cape May Road 
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Damascus Depot 
26149 Ridge Road 
Damascus, MD 20854

Gaithersburg Depot 
16700 Crabbs Branch Way 
Rockville, MD 20855

Poolesville Depot 
19200 Jerusalem Road 
Poolesville, MD 20837

Silver Spring Depot 
8710 Brookville Road 
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Brookville Maintenance Facility (BMF) Transit Shop

BMF Transit Shop 
8710 Brookville Rd., Bldg D 
Silver Spring, MD 20910 

Small Transit Shop (STS)

Ride On Bus Nicholson Court Small Transit Shop 
4925 Nicholson Court 
Kensington, MD 20895 
Phone: 240-777-5613

Automotive Equipment Section (AES)

Fleet’s Seven Locks facility called the Automotive Equipment Section (AES) provides cradle to grave service for all of the county’s light fleet. This includes all vehicles under 10,000 pounds excluding diesel vehicles for the administrative and public safety fleets.

We work diligently with all of the departments to insure proper vehicle applications are met and the necessary equipment is installed. Fleet Coordinators in each department provide input and feedback at regular meetings throughout the year.

All of the vehicles are serviced at the facility and many sub vendors are used to insure availability; dealers and auto body shops are used continuously. After their useful life the vehicles have all of the equipment and markings removed and are sent to auction. The cycle continues with new innovative hybrids and all electric vehicles becoming the latest to provide services to all of the departments within the Montgomery County Government.

Automotive Equipment Section Vehicle Warehouse
1283 Seven Locks Rd., Bldg F 
Rockville, MD 20854 
Phone: 240-773-0500

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