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   Montgomery County Department of Transportation
   Division of Transportation Engineering  


Drainage Assistance


Evaluation Criteria

Response by DTE will begin after receiving your request. After all the necessary information about the request is received, the following steps are taken:

  • Investigate the nature and cause of the problem.
  • Determine if it should be included as a DAR Project, or
  • Refer to another appropriate agency responsible for this issue.
  • If a DAR project, calculate the size of the watershed, where the water originates and surface water flow characteristics.
  • Verify the number of properties being affected and extent of damage being caused by runoff, as well as cost/benefit ratio.
  • Review the existing drainage system in the area and potential needs for upgrades.
  • Determine availability of Right-of-Way or easements and needs for easements.
  • Determine if the problem can have a "spot solution" or a comprehensive Capital ImprovementProject (CIP) is needed.
  • If a "spot solution," develop design and schedule work with a construction contractor.
  • If a CIP, prioritize and include in the list of projects for recommendation as CIP projects for County Executive and County Council approval.
  • Notify the citizen what action is being taken.