Religious Services

Russell Isler

Montgomery County Correctional Facility
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The Constitutional right to pursue any lawful and legitimate religious practice shall be guaranteed to all inmates at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF), consistent with the secure and orderly operation of the facility. All recognized religions shall be afforded equal status and protection.

General Information on Religious Services

Religious programs and activities at the MCCF are planned, directed, and supervised by the department Chaplain in consultation with and approval from facility administration. Religious Services are the responsibility of the Chaplain - under the direction of the Deputy Warden of Programs and Services.
Under no circumstances shall an inmate be required to engage or participate in religious activities, nor shall the inmate's failure to do so influence decisions made concerning that inmate.

Staff members, volunteers, inmates, or religious groups shall not restrict an inmate's participation in any religious activity on the basis of race, creed, color, nationality, gender, or disability.

An inmate observing special religious dietary laws shall be provided a diet which meets the recommended daily allowance as stated by the National Academy of Science and which complies with the religious dietary laws. The provision of such a diet must be consistent with the secure and orderly operation of the institution.

  • Provide comprehensive services to all inmates in the department
  • Provide other services to inmates, staff, public officials, and the community as needed to enhance the overall ministry
  • Work with faith based organizations to provide ministry support through prayer and volunteer services
  • Encourage and counsel inmates
  • Establish, coordinate and oversee all spiritual programs
  • Recruit, train and supervise volunteers
  • Serve as a liaison and facilitator between the pastoral community and the institution
  • Promote visibility of the ministry in the community through presentations to groups and individuals
  • Hold special promotional events annually
  • Deliver emergency and death notifications