Montgomery County Correctional Facility – Clarksburg - MCCF

Director's Office

Ben Stevenson, Director
22880 Whelan Lane
Boyds, Maryland 20841
Telephone : (240) 777-9976
Hours:  8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Suicide Prevention

The Office of the Director of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DOCR) includes Ben Stevenson, Director and​ Jennifer Castellon, Senior Executive Administrative Aide.

The Director develops, implements, and evaluates County correction and rehabilitation policies and programs by directing subordinate managers to: operate secure facilities for the incarceration of all pre trial, unsentenced, and sentenced prisoners committed by the Courts; operate a treatment oriented Pre-Release Center and home detention program for selected offenders as an alternative to incarceration; provide medical, educational, other social services and community release programs to meet basic human needs and ensure rights of prisoners; facilitate the integration of incarcerated individuals into the community through work release programs and individual counseling; provide an alternative community service program for offenders deemed least likely to repeat their offenses; and ensure a sensitivity exists for victims' issues and community based concerns.

The work of directing the correctional and rehabilitation program requires consideration of societal, rehabilitation, public safety, and community issues and impacts, and development of solutions that accommodate conflicting objectives from a variety of organizations, groups, and individuals. It is essential to the mission of the County Government and affects all residents in the County from a public safety perspective.

Click to view DOCR Performance Plan . For more information Contact:  Ben Stevenson at (240) 777-9976