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Management Services

Kaye Beckley, Division Chief
22880 Whelan Lane,
Boyds, Maryland 20841
Telephone: (240) 773-9908
Days:  Monday- Friday   Hours  : 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m

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Management Services Division serves in an advisory function to employees, the Director and the Senior Management Team in Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DOCR) and implements performance accountability programs and general management practices. The division comprises of, Budget and Procurement, Employee Health, Welfare and Safety, Fiscal Management, Human Resources and Training and Professional Development, and Information Technology.

The division’s administration provide support to all the teams in MSD, directly oversees capital projects and budget preparation and monitoring which include implementation and administration of DOCR’s operating and capital improvement budgets.

The Procurement team provides management and oversight in DOCR on procurements and contracts. The team ensures that staff can procure goods, services and construction in a competitive manner and in accordance with best practices. This team also coordinates special projects to carry-out the purchase of products and services.

The Employee Health, Welfare and Safety section coordinates efforts within DOCR, relating to workers’ compensation, non-worker’s compensation medical absences, Family Medical Leave Act, and sick leave bank cases in collaboration with Office of Human Resources and Department of Finance.  The case manager works to ensure that employees are fit for duty by coordinating mandatory employee Periodic Health Assessments (physicals) with the Office of Human Resources and transitioning employees back to full duty by assigning employees to light duty positions, working with the Office of Human Resources and the Department of Finance.  The case manager leads DOCR’s safety committee to work on initiatives and programs that prevent accidents and injuries and collaborates with DOCR’s human resources team to conduct training in order to minimize injuries and maximize the health, welfare and workplace safety for DOCR employees.

The Fiscal Management team maintains DOCR’s fiscal integrity in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The team handles inmate and residents escrow accounts which include cash receipts, disbursements and reconciliation, prepares accurate and timely financial statements and payments to vendors for goods, services, and construction.

The Human Resources and Professional Development team conducts new employee orientation, supervisory training, specialized training that focuses on the job that an employee currently holds or may potentially hold in the future.  In addition to developing employees, the team is responsible for employee relations, labor and management relationships, performance management, recruitment, backgrounds and staffing logistics to include attracting, hiring, promoting individuals.  In providing these services, this section is dedicated to clear communication, progressive thinking, and resourceful solutions toward meeting departmental goals and objectives. They take a leadership role in providing services that support the Department by promoting the concept that employees are the cornerstone to DOCR’s success.  Therefore, the team designs short and long term workforce development strategies within the department to enhance the fulfillment and performance of employees. 

The Information Technology team provides solutions that advance the development of work in a more efficient and effective manner through the use of reliable, accurate and secure software support and information technology systems and databases in order to accomplish DOCR’s mission. Representatives on the team provide expertise in hardware and software systems, including various jail management systems. In addition, the team partners with the Department of Technology Services to develop enterprise information technology solutions for DOCR and other public safety organizations in the County.

Programs and Services

Administration, Budget and Procurement (240) 773-9908
Employee Health, Welfare and Safety (240) 773-9808
Fiscal Services (240) 773-9728
Human Resources  (240) 777-9985
Information Technology (240) 777-9990