Fiscal Services

Florence Aniezue, CPA
Fiscal Services Manager

Management Services
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Fiscal Services a section of Management Services Division (MSD), provides financial oversight for the inmate escrow funds for Detention services and resident escrow funds for Pre-Release Services; the section is also responsible for Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, and budgetary oversight for operational expenditures for Detention Services.

The Fiscal Services Section manages the commissary contract which provides canteen products to the inmates. The Section also manages the receipts of funds from inmates' families and disbursement of funds by the inmates and the expenditures associated with the escrow funds. The Section is accountable for services such as barber, medical, copiers, and canteen provided to the inmates and residents.

The Fiscal Services section strives for continued improvement and integrity in the services provided to the inmates and residents while looking for innovative ways to improve the process.

Services Information

Accounts Payable
The Accounts Payable unit in Fiscal Services, is responsible for the accurate and timely payment of vendor invoices for good and services provided to the Detention services.
All payments must be properly authorized in accordance with Office of Procurement polices and procedures to maintain fiscal accountability of the Department.

Inmate Accounting, Commissary
Inmate Accounting is part of the Fiscal Section, which is responsible for the safekeeping of funds received on behalf of the inmate, through the mail or from visitors.
Pre Release Resident Accounting
The Pre-Release Accounting Office is part of Management Services Division (MSD) Fiscal Services section responsible for the accounting activity of all Pre-Release and Reentry Services (PRRS) residents. The office is located in PRRS on Nebel Street. Services include maintaining cash receipts and cash disbursements for over 850 residents annually.

 Fiscal Services Contact Information

Name Job Title Telephone
Florence Aniezue, CPA Fiscal Services Manager (240) 773-9728
John Samaan Management and Budget Specialist (240) 777-9981
Sabrina Kinard Accountant / Auditor Supervisor (240) 777-9863
Marc Noel Accountant / Auditor Supervisor (240) 773-4267
Neelam Manocha Fiscal Assistant (240) 773-4268
Lan Bui Fiscal Assistant/Account Payable Clerk (240) 773-9762
David Bailin Fiscal Assistant (240) 777-9970
Craig Barnes Fiscal Assistant (240) 773-9730