Clarksburg Citizens and Business Advisory Group Monthly Meeting

Montgomery County Correctional Facility  | Telephone: (240) 773-9700

MEETING DATE: December 18, 2001

Bina Allgood, Mark Bonanno, Carl Crawford, Lynn Glassbrook, Leon Grant, Robert Green, Sara Griggs, Nancy Hislup, Vonda Henley, Steve Howie, Cathy Jewell, George Korseniewski, Suzy Malagari , Loretta McClintock, Teresa Noone, Bill Novak, Tom Odt, Terry Reister, Brian Roynstead, Susan Singer-Bart, Art Wallenstein, John Williams

Art spoke of the recent County budget deficit and that the jail project was going to require additional money to complete. As in the past, Art wanted to communicate completely any new information concerning the project. He met with five members of CBAG earlier this month to brief them on the recent deficit information, all of which will be discussed at tonight's meeting. 

Bill Novak handed out a Schedule and Budget Update. The information is listed below.

Expected increase of $5.742M to complete

  • Within 6.8% of original budget (increase)
  • County share expected at $3.445M


  1. Later than expected start
  2. Coordination of pre-cast cell installation
  3. Cost increases in project areas of fire, sprinkler, fire alarm, and IT systems

Budget Update

  • Total Project Budget $ 84,624 M
  • Project Contingency $ 3.100 M (3.7%)
  • Contingency Spent $ 2.089 M
  • Contingency Remaining $ 1.011 M
  • Additional Project Costs from
  • Schedule & Budget "Dividers" $ 6.753 M
  • Under Budgeted $ 5.742 M (6.8%)
  • Potential State Share $ 2.297 M
  • Potential County Share $ 3.445M

The County is going through the normal procedures to obtain the additional funding from the State of 2.297 M.

At the beginning of the project most bidding came in over budget which delayed start-up of the project. Extensive background work had to be completed to reduce the bids. This shifted the schedule by three (3) months, shifting more work into the winter months.

The pre-cast cell installation was a very complicated type of construction. With these installations they wanted to make sure that the facility accommodated all maintenance needs and security concerns. This took longer than anticipated, which incurred some additional costs.

With a project of this size and complexity it is very difficult to understand the full scope of the fire sprinkler, fire alarm and IT systems until construction has begun. There were additional costs associated with these systems.

Corrections/Facilities has already appeared before the County Council for a status update meeting for additional funding. Art commented that there were approximately 20 questions asked by the Council, which is a public document and is available to CBAG members. The Council will be going into closed session for discussion in the early part of 2002. It is understood the funds would be available by mid January. This should not impact the project's progress.

Steve Howie asked for an explanation of why the project was on schedule and within budget a few months ago and then in November it was announced that there was a delay and additional funds were needed. Art commented that at our October meeting a 90 day delay was announced, but there was no knowledge, at that time, of any cost increase issue. If there was a schedule impact at the beginning of the project, why wasn't it brought forward at that time? Bill explained that all construction schedules have a float and when there is a shortcoming in the schedule the float is decreased. At the early stages of the project there was enough float to keep the schedule from going negative, thus no schedule delay at that time. It was not until the later part of a project of this size that an impact of a significant delay is shown or that additional funds are needed for completion.

Loretta McClintock and Reverend Reister offered comments noting that the budget issue needed to be reviewed in a larger context and offered their comments in support of the project as it was proceeding.

 Construction Progress


  • Grass is starting to come up
  • Landscaper is 65% complete
  • Paving is completed. The overlay of Whelan Lane is to start this week.
  • Exterior masonry work is completed
  • Roofing is completed on major portions of the building (except for canopies)
  • All windows are installed


  • Mason is doing remedial work
  • Acoustical ceiling tiles and all lights are in
  • Plasterwork is completed. (Secure area has plaster ceilings)
  • Elevator is almost complete. Inspection to follow
  • Floors are being prepped for tile
  • Electrical system is complete except for the emergency generators
  • There is heat in the building. North Housing is the only area without permanent heat.

The finish trades contractor is being monitored daily. This contractor is working on painting, drywall partitions, lockers, ceramic tiles, toilet accessories, etc. This contractor is not manning the job as much as needed. The question was asked if our contract with the finish trades contractor protects us from negligent work or lack of performance? Bill stated that there are only a few options in this area; supplement their forces, eliminate their contract (bring in another contractor), or pressure them financially. At this time the trades contractor is being pressured to increase their man power, yet continue with quality work. At this time Bill is looking at the finish trades contractor to determine if they will impact the targeted completion date.

Art reported that Phil McLaughlin with the Transit Department will attend the next meeting. He will report on the status of what type of transportation is needed and what routes will be implemented for MCCF.

Community Notification
Tom Odt reported that the workgroup for Community Notification had met and had a report prepared, "Clarksburg Jail Neighbor Alert System". The CBAG members of this workgroup are Tom Odt, Cathy Jewel, Carl Crawford, Guy Ruffner and Rob Green. The definition of a neighbor is a resident, school, or business within 1-2 miles of the jail. See this committees report attached.

It was decided that Bina will send the report to all CBAG members requesting any comments or revisions to Tom Odt or Carl Crawford within 30 days. There will be further discussion regarding this issue at our next CBAG meeting and by the February meeting we hope to have reached a definitive decision in regards to the Neighbor Alert System. Research is being done on all the available options. The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation is committed to having this system, that all agree on, in place and operational prior to any inmates being transferred to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF).

Kingsley Wilderness School
Cathy spoke of her meetings with the Transition Team at the Kingsley school property. Cathy and her staff walked between their property and the jail perimeter. The issue of how the Kingsley School would communicate with jail personnel was discussed. How is the layout of the Kingsley school and property going to work with it's neighbor, the jail? The following issues were discussed:

  • How will traffic be managed? How does the public delineate between the road to the jail and the road to the Kingsley school? Rob stated that he will check into appropriate signage and how they will be placed. He also committed to a metal gate.
  • What lighting issues need to be considered?
  • Should there be a boundary fence (possibly a split rail fence) between the Moneysworth property and the jail? Current plans call for landscape screening. Cathy would like more of a clear boundary for her students.
  • An emergency event plan for Kingsley school is needed. Corrections committed to providing additional radios if necessary. This issue would be addressed in the upcoming alert system discussion. 

Art gave a report on the recycling program. It began at 9%, is now at 61%, and our goal is a national standard of 90%. The jail was recently evaluated with a surprise inspection where trash inspectors went through the trash by hand to see what was not being recycled. Our major area of concern is food waste. There is now a committee of nine people committed to finding a way to recycle food waste. Corrections will be reporting to the CBAG members and possibly asking for a volunteer to work on the food waste committee. An update concerning this issue will be shared at our next meeting.
Emergency Preparedness
Rob spoke of the Emergency Preparedness meeting recently held with members of the County's public safety agencies. The up-county service providers were Montgomery County Police, Montgomery County Sheriffs Office, Hyattstown Fire and Rescue Service, Emergency Medical Services, Montgomery County Police Communications Division, and the Maryland State Police. During the day long work session four major scenarios were discussed with each agency discussing their ideas and concerns. As a Transition Team, this meeting helped us to continue to gear up and be prepared once the building is turned over to us to begin working scenarios, etc.