Clarksburg Citizens and Business Advisory Group
Monthly Meeting

January 15, 2002

Carl Crawford, Robert Green, Vonda Henley, Steve Howie, Cathy Jewell, George Korseniewski, Suzy Malagari , Phil McLaughlin, Loretta McClintock, Teresa Noone, Bill Novak, Tom Odt, Terry Reister, Brian Roynstead, Guy Ruffner, Dale Ryan, Rick Tegethoff, Art Wallenstein, John Williams

Construction Progress  


  • All paving has been completed including the improvements to Whelan Lane.
  • The last segment of the perimeter fence is being installed as well as the razor ribbon and detection system.
  • Exterior masonry work is completed (lobby glass block is completed)
  • The front entrance is awaiting delivery of bulletproof glass.
  • Further landscaping will be added in the spring


  • The central building has had an increase of trade work (mechanical, electrical, plasterer)
  • Continued work is being done in zone 6 (the last zone)
  • Pod finish work is continuing
  • The goal is still to turn over the building in March to DOCR.

 Phil McLaughlin reported that as he had stated in a previous meeting Transit was looking into several options of how to provide service north of Milestone (not only MCCF).  An express service from MCCF to Milestone or Shady Grove was considered.  This was ruled out because they don't believe it would generate enough trips to support that service.  Another option was to provide a local service.  An express service would be provided from Shady Grove to Milestone and then operate a local service to MCCF.  A mid-day service would be provided with consideration being given to Saturday mid-day service also.  It would be service on an hourly basis, and may include other stops in Clarksburg.  There is no cost difference between a small versus a larger bus.  It was reported that Transit is 95% ADAcompliant and by next year will be 100%.  Once Transit has finalized the service, it is hoped that it would be implemented in early May.  It is a work in progress and Mr. McLaughlin will attend future meetings to give the group reports.

Phil will meet with the Transition Team in the next month when the route is initiated as to where the pick-up and drop-off areas would be at MCCF.

Kingsley Wilderness School
Rob reported that Mr. Wallenstein approved the split rail fence between the Kingsley Wilderness School and MCCF.  He asked Cathy to choose the style of fence and it would be installed as soon as possible.  Rob also reported that he is still researching the fence at the entrance to the school. 

Community Notification
Art updated the group regarding the Escape Notification committee.  The committee would like another work session and will then report at the next CBAG meeting.  Rob is meeting with the PTA January 30th where he may get additional information to add to the worksession with PTA's concerns.  There was concern for the schools closest to the jail as to what notification they will be given.  Could a Police Officer be dispatched to the school in the event of an escape?  Art assured the group that we will be absolutely responsive to their concerns.  Art also asked the members of the group to encourage the Clarksburg schools to have a faculty member join the CBAG group. 

Clarksburg 250th Anniversary
Steve Howie stated that a committee is planning a celebration and that DOCR will be participating and helping in any way they can.  The celebration will take place October 19, 2002 .  Rob Green is the department's representative.

Capital Improvement Project (Cip) Report
The County Council approved the Re-Use plans for MCDC in Rockville (the removal of the high rise, the construction of a training school for DOCR staff and the general up-grade of the facility).  It is a first priority project extended over three years.  CIP is a six-year time frame of capital construction projects.  Art spoke of the Program of Requirements (POR) for the Re-Use Project and will have it sent out or put it on the Internet.  We will also notify all members of CBAG of the public hearing date for MCDC Re-Use.

Mental Health
Loretta spoke of her concern regarding the closure of many Mental Health clinics in the area and the impact on MCCF.  What can the community do to support this issue?  Art suggested that he ask Daryl Plevy, the HHS Chief of Mental Health to attend the next meeting and give the group an update.

Transition Update
The Transition Team has many activities geared towards the project completion.  Rob reported that the team has had it's second Emergency Preparedness meeting, and all Public Safety Groups will have toured the facility by the end of the month.  The Montgomery County Police Management group will be touring January 18th and Hyattstown and Germantown Fire and Rescue will be bringing equipment for testing on January 23rd. 

We are currently in the process of hiring several of the seven RN positions.  Because of the competitive market for nurses, the Department will be putting a recruiting advertisement in the Value Paks again.  MCCF should be fully staffed before opening.  It was noted again that the substantial completion date is scheduled for March 31, 2002 .  Sixty days after substantial completion, June 1, 2002 , is the target date for the first inmates to be transferred.

Simulated Incarceration
The Simulated Incarceration will not take place until substantial completion, prior to any transfer of inmates.  It has been decided that it will take place on a Saturday from 6:00 p.m. until Sunday at 8:00 a.m.