Clarksburg Citizens and Business Advisory Group
Monthly Meeting

June 19,  2001

Bina Allgood, Sandra Batterden, Mark Bonanno, Leon Grant, Robert Green, Kimberly Haven, Steve Howie, Cathy Jewell, Suzy Malagari, Loretta McClintock, Teresa Noone, Tom Odt, Brian Roynstad, Guy Ruffner, Eric Runion, Bruce Sherman, Art Wallenstein, John Williams

Construction Report
Sandra gave the construction report.  The project is slightly more than 80% complete and construction is staying within budget.  Crews are working on floor finishing, drywall, painting, and plastering.  AC start-up is anticipated and the masonry work is being monitored.  As scheduled, the building will be turned over in December.  

Sandra reported that the archeologists have been working at the Moneysworth farm. It was announced that Sandra has accepted another position and will be leaving the Facilities and Services Department July 6, 2001.  Bill Novak will be her replacement.  Jan Wilson will be taking over the Moneysworth Project.

It has been proposed that the County purchase the land directly above the construction site (where the construction project house is located).  It is totally landlocked.  Having land accessible for anyone to occupy overlooking a correctional facility is an extreme public safety issue.  The house would be torn down. 

Transition Report 
Guy reported that Policy and Procedures are continuing to be written and reviewed.  Direct Supervision training is well underway, training all staff.  Rob stated that all maintenance staff will be going to the State Correctional Academy in the near future. 

MCDC Re-Use Plan 
The MCDC Re-Use Plan was released to the public on June 8, 2001.  Copies were delivered to citizen groups (five copies of the MCDC Re-Use Plan were mailed to CBAG members).  The Re-Use Plan is now a public document and copies are available if other members are interested.  The County Council and Rockville City Council were very receptive and there have been no issues of concern from the public.  It is now before Doug Duncan and the County Council for final review. 

There are five modulars (one will be the Records Department and four will be for Departmental staff training) that will remain, be up-graded and used for training, classrooms, and offices.  Art explained that one modular will be a live action training block which is a perfect correctional environment for training.  The gym and recreation yard will also be available to staff. 

Direct transport for inmates going to court was discussed.  The inmate will be picked up by the Sheriff's Department at MCCF and transported directly to the courts (the morning of the court date).  This is as opposed to transporting inmates to MCDC during the night and then transporting them to court the next morning.  Whenever the inmate is being transported twice there are increased security risks as well as additional staff that would be needed.  The location of MCCF should not cause an increase in the number of inmates being transported to court.

Simulated Incarceration
Doug Duncan has approved a simulated incarceration for citizens to sleep overnight at the new facility (January 2002) before the inmates are transported.  There will be a new position added to the Transition Team to coordinate all the planning for this event.  Art suggested that the Emergency Response Team (ERT), a certified tactical team, do a training demonstration at this time also. 

An Open House will also be scheduled before inmates are transported.  A Public Tour day in January 2002 will be planned. 

Program Volunteer Coordinator 
The position of the Program Volunteer Coordinator has been filled.  Vonda Henly, a Master Correctional Officer will be the new coordinator and will have an office at Transition Headquarters.  She will attend the next CBAG meeting.

MCDC has reached a 60% recycling goal.  It is hoped we will reach 70% by next year and 90% in two years at both MCDC and MCCF.  They are making great strides in this area. 

Next Tour 
Art suggested that a construction site tour be given in November.  The scheduled date is November 13, 2001 (second Tuesday in November due to Thanksgiving).  Many of the finished areas in the building would be of interest.

Loretta gave an update on the public forum.  It is scheduled for November 8.  This will inform the public about volunteerism in the new correctional facility. 

Out of the 72 additional Correctional Officers to be hired (for both facilities), Rob has signed off on the 54th officer hired.  With major testing scheduled for next week our goal should be reached in the near future.

Steve asked how the sign at the new facility would read.  MCCF or Montgomery County Correctional Facility?  MCCF is also the initials for Montgomery County Civic Federation.  Sandra assured him it would be spelled out on the sign.