Clarksburg Citizens and Business Advisory Group
Monthly Meeting
May 21, 2002


Art Wallenstein, Rob Green, Vonda Henley, Rick Tegethoff, Bill Novak, Steve Howie, Lt. Picazo, Sheriff's Office




  • Most construction is done on the Central Building as planned.
  • The contractor will be back next week to work on erosion control and sand traps.
  • The lawn has been seeded and straw put down.




  • Furniture is being moved into the administrative area.
  • The interior finish is being accomplished with a focus on keeping the interior clean.
  • The West housing area will be completed next. Most finishes are complete.
  • Another crew is being brought in for finishing the North housing day room floors.



There has been major equipment installation, but the testing/commissioning of the equipment is not progressing as scheduled. It is not following the scheduled pattern and therefore is taking much longer than expected. The substantial completion date of June 30, 2002 is not a realistic date; however, a new date has not yet been established. CBAG meetings will continue to be here until the building is ready.


The offending sign that could be seen from Rt. 270 has been covered. Our commitment to the community remains that signage for MCCF will be comparable to that used in the eighborhood surrounding MCDC. All future signs for MCCF will be on local streets only.


A contract has been secured to follow through with the installation of the siren.


We're working on enhanced recycling, but we don't have a report to give yet.


The date of the simulated incarceration will be based on the new substantial completion date, and will take place within the 60 days that we take possession of the building.


Phil reported (through Art Wallenstein) that the new Line 75 is still waiting for the dates that it will be running. A new company is reportedly moving to this area that will employ about 100 workers which will enhance the ridership of the new line.


The Transition Team is preparing to move. They will start packing this week, and the operation will be closed as May 31. They will be moved to the new jail on Monday, June 3, and will be up and in full operation with phones and computers on Tuesday, June 4.


We have filled all Correctional Officer positions, more than 100 over 18 months. There are 60 positions still in the pipeline for which there are no jobs; they have already passed the test. We hire 1 out of 12.

Our sign no longer advertises for Correctional Officers, just nurses. Four nurse vacancies still exist. However, there are four people in the process of being hired.


The County Council approved the plan for MCDC reuses last week. There will be an upgrade for staff, but not a new building. A project manager will be assigned. Proper sallyports will be built so the sheriffs will not have to off-load prisoners on the street anymore. It was fully funded (minus $200,000). It will start Year One of the CIP, so planning will start July 1 of this year.


The next meeting is scheduled for June 18, 2002.