Clarksburg Citizens and Business Advisory Group Monthly Meeting

Montgomery County Correctional Facility| Telephone: (240) 773-9700

MEETING DATE: January 20, 2004

Robert Green: Warden
Nancy Hislop: Up-County Services Center
Steve Howie: Clarksburg Civic Association
Antoinette Kelley: Mental Health Association

Warden Green inquired if Steve Howie had heard anything from Mr. Genetti (Department of Public Works and Transportation) or someone from his office concerning the questions he had on the woodchip pile (as a result of the storm) on the MCCF property. Nancy had also called to get an update after November's meeting. She reported that they had done the environmental testing. Mr. Genetti reported to Rob that Steve was called and his questions were answered. Rob had reported after talking with Mr. Genetti that they would plant on the mulch, but there was no answer as to how long the pile would be there. Rob will continue to follow up on this issue. 


  • A group of six inmates recently graduated from the first Bakery Program. If they pass their County Sanitation test they will be qualified with a job skill and possibly MCCF can help to place them in jobs.
  • The building continues to run as it is designed to with no major flaws and no major security problems.
  • The average daily population is 715 which is up 25 inmates since the group last met. Another housing unit was opened in the last month. There are 16 or 17 housing units operational. Approximately 50 federal inmates are housed throughout the facility.
  • Rob met with the members and volunteers of the St James Church, just one of four faith based church that provides an after care ministry. The groups get involved in helping our population when they are released (e.g. a close closet, transportation, transitional housing, job skills, youth camp).
  • MCCF is looking for ways to give back to the community. The staff would like to get involved in things such as helping children, collecting can goods, or donate and sort clothing. We are already laundering the sheets and blankets for the men's homeless shelter at no charge. If there is anything we can do to be of service in the community, please call Rob.
  • Rob reported that our numbers of volunteers has steadily increased. MCCF has nearly 300 active volunteers. Approximately 60% of the new volunteers are from the local community. The one down side to the increased number of volunteers is that there is a competition for program time. The volunteers have requested a quarterly meeting to get together to share their resources. The first meeting will occur in April.
  • Rob received a call from Rocky Hill Middle School to invite MCCF to do career day again. MCCF will be sending three staff.
  • Getting other groups involved as part of the MCCFCAG membership is still ongoing. According to what we would like our group to accomplish, as stated in the bi-laws, would be to have representation from the listed groups (Up-County Regional Service Center, Clarksburg Civic Association, Montgomery County Public Schools, NAACP, Faith Community, Business and Labor, Latino Community, Mental Health Services). Rob's suggestion was to send out an email to see what change could be made to better accommodate these groups as far as meeting days and times.
  • The budget is a serious issue this year for Montgomery County, in every department. Nancy asked if the housing of the Federal inmates took care of the shortfall in the budget. The revenue from the Federal inmates did not close the gap needed in these tough budget times. There are other target reductions that DOCR is looking at.


  • Steve received a community concern about the need for a police escort during an ambulance transport. This takes away from the area�s police coverage and the security of the community. Rob reported that a hearing with the Public Safety Committee has been scheduled with all parties involved in emergency inmate transports (Fire and Rescue, Police, Sheriff, Corrections) to discuss this issue.

    Next month the featured MCCF speaker will be Chaplain Russell Isler to discuss Faith Based Programs.

    The next meeting will be February 17, 2004 at MCCF, in the Community Room