Family and Friends Support Program (Sponsor Group)

Ivan Downing, Division Chief
Community Corrections 

Pre-Release and Reentry Services
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The sponsorship program provides an opportunity for family members and significant others to become a partner in the residents’ reentry process. This is achieved in a number of ways including collaboration in the development of a resident’s reentry plan, attendance in the sponsor support group, frequent and ongoing contact with the resident’s Case Manager, referrals to appropriate community services, contact visiting, the home pass program and home confinement services. 

Program Information

Every offender is a part of a family. We here at PRRS understand that incarceration is a difficult time not only for the offenders, but also for their families and friends. Separation from a loved one can be emotionally, spiritually, and economically overwhelming at times. Having a loved one incarcerated can cause relationship challenges, strain on family financial resources, and shifting roles and responsibilities.

This guide has been developed for you as a guide in understanding the process and the programs that will be used to govern your loved one’s stay here at PRRS. It will also provide you with information on what kind of services and programs that is available in the community that your family may obtain to assist you during this time. Sponsor Group classes will be provided to you that are aimed at preparing you for the day your loved one returns home. Although this guide may not answer all of your questions, it will provide you information about PRRS to hopefully assist you during this difficult time.

Families and the support they provide play a very importance role in helping our residents be successful once released. Families provide housing, financial support, transportation, help finding employment, and are the go to for child care. We encourage you to maintain regular contact with your loved one who is in PRRS so you may be able to provide emotional support and stay informed on his or her progress.

PRRS understands there is a significant impact on families that have a loved one incarcerated and sometimes these families receive little support or understanding from the community. The sponsorship program offer these families’ structure, information of community resources, and serves as a support group for those participating in the program. By developing a positive partnership, your loved one will have a better chance of being able to successfully re-enter the community.

Topics Covered in Sponsor Group

The following topics are covered on a rotating basis.

  • Cognitive Restructuring: This topic teaches the process of how the subconscious mind controls human behavior. The goal is to help people understand what controls human behavior and how to overcome behavior that is undesirable.
  • Family Roles in Addiction and Codependency. This group session will explore different roles family members assume when a member of the family is addicted to drugs or alcohol. We will examine these new roles and the effects they have on the addict’s recovery.
  • Change: Change has always been a necessary aspect of life. People react, respond and adjust to change in a in sequence of six predictable stages. This group session will focus on those six stages and the behaviors associated with each stage of change.
  • Anger: In this group session we will explore this completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But anger can lead to problems at work, personal relationship, and in our overall quality of life.
  • Self-Defeating Behaviors: In this group session, sponsors will learn what self-defeating behavior is and examine the three models of self-destructiveness.
  • Working a Program: This group session will go over what “Working a Program” is and provide guidance on understanding and following your loved one Re-Entry plan.
  • Community Resources: This group session sponsors will receive information on community resources that may be available to them.
  • Probation Overview: In this group session a representative from probation and parole will provide an overview of expectations and services available to their clients.