Screening and Home Confinement

Ivan Downing, Division Chief
Community Corrections 
Pre-Release and Reentry Services
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The screening section evaluates the eligibility and suitability of all candidates for Pre-Release and Reentry Services programs. Established eligibility criteria are applied to all applicants for the program. In Montgomery County , work-release/pre-release is voluntary; therefore interested offenders must volunteer for the programs, and in turn, may choose to return to secure confinement at any time during their stay.

Additionally, the final approval for acceptance in the programs lies with the Chief of Pre-Release and Reentry Services and agreement by the sentencing judge. While the Courts cannot mandate the placement of an offender into PRRS, the sentencing judge must approve the program's recommendation for a client's enrollment at PRRS. PRRS services are offered to local incarcerates, Federal offenders returning to the Washington metropolitan area, and State inmates returning to Montgomery County .

Eligibility Information

The eligibility criteria for PRRS include: 

  • The offender must be fully sentenced with no serious pending charges or detainers 
  • The offender must be within 12 months of an established release date 
  • The offender must have no prior escapes 
  • If not United States citizen, the offender must possess a valid green card, employment authorization or permanent residency status 
  • The offender must be medically cleared for work-release and must be psychologically capable of functioning in a community correctional settings. 

Home Confinement provides non-residential electronic monitoring and offers offenders the opportunity to establish stable community support systems for themselves (such as employment, counseling services, 12-Step programs, family oriented activities, and community services) while living at home under the structure and supervision of the program. The use of electronic monitoring equipment helps to ensure the community accountability of the residents. Most offenders may be transferred to Home Confinement after a successful period of time at the Pre-Release Center 

Screening Eligibility Forms