Intervention Program for Substance Abusers (IPSA)
Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Trial Services
Address: 11651 Nebel Street Rockville, Maryland 20852 | Telephone: (240) 777-5410 | Fax: (240) 777-5440 | Directions | Bus Schedule Metro

Do I have to the classes in order?

No, you must take each of the four classes but they can be in any order.

Will someone come to my house?
Possibly. Your case manager may make a scheduled or unscheduled visit to your home to verify your address.

Do I need to sign up for classes?
You do not need to sign up for the classes, however, we are very strict about being on time for class. The IPSA program has made every effort to keep classes to 1.5 hours or less and arriving late will cause you to miss information necessary for program completion. Also, our Monday evening classes can get very full and we do have a limit on the number of people who can attend so make sure you arrive in time to get a seat.

Can I take more than one class a week?

How do I sign up for community service?
Talk to your Caseworker. Our primary location for community service is through the Community Service Work Crew, operated by the Alternative Community Service Program in Montgomery County. They are located at our address and crews are dispatched 7 days a week with the exception of holidays. Click here for more information on the work crew.

Can I pick my own community service?
No. If you are unable to do the work crew, you may suggest a site to your caseworker but all community service work must be approved by your caseworker in order to receive credit.

Please e-mail Diversion Unit Manager [email protected] you have any questions or comments.