Reentry Case Management Services

Montgomery County Correctional Facility 
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Approximately two-thirds of the population within MCDC and MCCF are held as pretrial detainees awaiting court hearings and sentencing proceedings.  This population does not maintain a projected release date that can be used for firm reentry planning, and in turn specific community referrals and services cannot easily be arranged without an established release date.  Reentry needs of pretrial Inmates are primarily served through providing them tailored Reentry Resource Guide information as well as engaging them in specific Reentry Workshops related to their individual needs.  Reentry Case Management services are provided to pretrial Inmates on a limited basis who present with higher service levels of risks and needs. 

In contrast to the time frame challenges of reentry planning for the pretrial population, sentenced Inmates maintain a concrete projected release date that is used for specific reentry planning.  All sentenced Inmates are reviewed for eligibility to receive Reentry Case Management provided by the Reentry Staff. Sentenced Inmates with active detainers and some pretrial cases are deferred as ineligible from Reentry Case Management Services, and on a case by case basis they may be provided Reentry Transition Planning as their identified service level and reentry needs indicate. 

Reentry Case Management is considered the most comprehensive service approach with advantages of intensive and clinically oriented treatment engagement particularly with Inmates rated for a High or Medium Service Level and a longer period of incarceration.  Following the initial Reentry Needs Screening, the Reentry Staff complete a Reentry Needs Assessment to capture a comprehensive psycho-social history and in-depth perspective on each Inmate client. With appropriate Releases of Information authorized, each Inmate's assigned Community Supervision Agent, family members, previous service providers are all consulted for input as part of the assessment and service process.  Calculating the Inmate's rated Proxy Service Level, anticipated length of incarceration, and identified strengths and needs from the assessment process, a Reentry Service Plan is developed by the Reentry Staff with direct contributions of the individual Inmate and related contacts. In comparison to this comprehensive service approach for sentenced Inmates rated with High or Medium Service Levels, the scope and intensity of Reentry Case Management services is lessened for sentenced Inmates rated with Low Service Levels and particularly if they have a shorter anticipated length of incarceration. 

Reentry Service Plans and Information for Release

 Within Reentry Case Management Services, an ultimate Reentry Service Plan serves as a final product reflecting the assessed needs and action strategies matched to address these needs. The Reentry Service Plan is developed by the respective Reentry Services Staff along with the individual Inmate to include action steps that each will take towards addressing their  identified needs. The Reentry Services Staff will use their professional judgment to gauge the scope of each Reentry Service Plan to reflect reasonable action strategies based on the individual Inmate's rated Proxy Service Level and anticipated length of incarceration. The Reentry Plan Worksheet is a preparatory form that can be used as a tool to develop the formal Reentry Service Plan. It lists out the specific needs, goals, and strategies respective to the individual Inmate.  This is not a required document to complete with every reentry client but it is readily used to help map out reentry strategies with anyone, especially for Inmates who are resistant or with limited insight.  Depending on the Inmate’s readiness, these frames can be layered or multiple worksheets used so that small steps are initially included to develop insight or commitment before branching out to more comprehensive strategies.

The Reentry Service Plan document is finalized and reviewed with the Inmate as part of the service closing and discharge process in the final days/weeks before their release.  For continuity and communication support, Inmates are encouraged to share this document as needed after release to any service providers and resource Staff as a summary reflection of reentry services received during their incarceration. Prior to their release at the time the final document is reviewed with them, each Inmate receives a copy of their Reentry Service Plan and Reentry Services Staff also shares the document with other service providers and other contacts authorized by the Inmate.
Along with the Reentry Service Plan document, a Summary of Release Information is also included in the final document. On the back side of the Reentry Service Plan is the Release Information Summary that serves as a place where primary reentry and release information is consolidated and summarized for quick and easy reference.  Such information includes specific follow up appointments and referral contact information as well as contact information for the Reentry Services Unit. This dual sided document is completed with each Inmate receiving Reentry Case Management Services; Inmates review and receive a copy in their final meetings with Staff prior to release and whenever possible this is also shared with family members as consent is provided.