Community Reentry Identification Cards

Montgomery County Correctional Facility
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Obtaining a State Identification Card or Driver's License from the Motor Vehicle Administration is a common reentry need for Inmates who need replacement cards for the purposes of identification and transportation upon release.  Since a direct process to obtain identification cards from the Motor Vehicle Administration does not currently exist, the Reentry Services Unit successfully established a Community Reentry Identification Card that serves an official Government Identification Card with the Montgomery County Seal that can be used in all formal circumstances just like a State Identification Card. This card is active for the first 60 days following an Inmate's release and includes both their photo as well as their release address for record.  The card is issued to qualified offenders upon release from the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. Additionally, the Community Reentry Identification Card is authorized by the Montgomery County Department of Transportation to serve as a bus pass for no-cost bus transportation throughout the County’s Ride-On system.  The card also serves as a Library Card for computer access in the Montgomery County Library System. The combination of providing an official identification card (meeting federal I9 guidelines), library computer access, and transportation assistance is an invaluable support for Inmates recently released as they navigate the community to address remaining reentry needs and work towards obtaining State Identification. 

Community Reentry Identification Cards Used For:

  • Legal Photo Identification
  • RIDE ON Bus Transit Pass in Montgomery County
  • Library Card for computer and services access at all Montgomery County Public Library Branches
Reentry Services Community Identification Card