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Victim Notification

DOCR Records | (240) 777-9730

  • The DOCR Records section contacts victims upon the release of an individual in custody from Detention Services and Pre-Release and Reentry Services Divisions for those cases where it has received a notification form. There are two notification forms: the Domestic Violence Victim Notification form and the Crime Victim Notification Request and Demand for Rights form.
  • The Domestic Violence Victim Notification form form is often filled out by the responding police officer to a domestic dispute who is bringing in the alleged abuser to CPU. At the scene, the police officer will take the alleged victim aside and ask if she wants to be notified if the alleged assailant is released from either CPU or, if they have been booked into the jail, from their release from detention services or PRRS.
  • The Crime Victim Notification Request and Demand for Rights form is often filled out by victims with the assistance of the State Attorney’s Office for cases that are prosecuted (see attached). These forms can come over from the court with the commitment documents or at a later point.
  • Victims are notified by telephone on the day of release or one-day prior to release in the case of a holiday or weekend. If the victim does not answer, the DOCR will leave a message. The DOCR will call a second time if it cannot leave a message.

Pre-Trial Division | (240) 777-5400

  • Case Managers on all domestic violence cases send a letter directly to the victim after the intake interview.
  • The letter informs victims that the offender has been released from commitment and will be supervised by the Pre-Trial program.
  • The letter includes contact information for the Police, State’s Attorney Office and Pre-Trial Services and instructs the victim to call those offices if the offender intimidates or poses any danger to them.

Pre-Release and Reentry Services | (240) 773-4212

  • The Pre-Release and Reentry Services (PRRS) provides Global Positioning Services (GPS) to offenders entering PRRS with a known victim. PRRS Screening Department obtains information regarding protection orders prior to the offender being transferred to the Center.
  • Exclusion zones are developed based on victims' home and employment and strict adherence is required in order for residents to maintain their work release status.  Staff at PRRS is concerned about community safety and the protection of victims. Contact may be made to unit staff about safety concerns 24 hours/day, seven days/week.

Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) : VINE is a national information system that provides information on the custody status of offenders and upcoming court system either by telephone or email.

  • Any individual can sign-up with VINE to request notification on the custody status of an individual.
  • The notification system operates 24 hours a day in the languages of Spanish and English. It is automated but also has 24/7 operator assistance available.
  • Updated offender records are automatically sent to the center as often as every 15 minutes.
  • Notification can occur through in one of two ways:
    E-mail: one e-mail notification will be sent for each change in custody status
    Telephone: the listed telephone number will be called by the VINE automated notification system and the recipient will be asked to enter their PIN number to verify receipt of information. If a PIN verification is not received a message will be left on the answering service/machine (if available) and the service will continue to call at regular intervals for up to 24 hours in an attempt to get PIN verification.

DOCR encourages every single agency that comes in contact with a victim to ask if the victim has registered with VINE.
The Department encourages all agencies to do so as VINE is real and effective.
Please click link to registered with VINE: Maryland Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)