Democracy Boulevard and Fernwood Road Intersection
Traffic Signal Reconstruction Project

The Division of Traffic Engineering and Operations is advancing traffic signal reconstruction and geometric improvements at the Democracy Boulevard and Fernwood Road intersection during fiscal year 24. The existing traffic signal will be reconstructed to include new mast arms, new LED vehicular signals with backplates, accessible pedestrian signals and countdown pedestrian signals (APS/CPS) and Americans with Disabilities Act- (ADA) compliant pedestrian sidewalk ramps.
As part of the traffic signal reconstruction, the project also includes widening along Fernwood Road to provide an additional left-turn lane in the northbound direction. Other geometric changes planned as part of this project that are anticipated to enhance pedestrian safety at the intersection, include the removal of free-right turns in the northbound, southbound, and eastbound directions.  Additionally, the westbound free-right turn will be modified using a mountable curb to reduce pedestrian crossing distances and slow vehicular speeds.

MCDOT anticipates the start of construction in August 2023 and project completion in spring 2024. If you have questions about this project, you may contact Mr. Kamal Hamud at [email protected] or 240-777-2190.

Project Documents

Project Vicinity Map

Vicinity Map

Intersection Configuration Concept Plan

Concept Plan