ATMS Control — Computerized Traffic Signal System

signal cabinet

A key element of Montgomery County’s Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) is the traffic responsive signal system. The County’s computerized signal system started with 10 intersections in 1980 and now controls all of approximately 780 County maintained traffic signals. The ATMS is designed to interface to the existing COMTRAC computerized signal system and can readily be adapted to new traffic signal technology. County-wide traffic responsive operation will be implemented in the near future.

System features include: atms mapinsert map of montgomery county

  • Second-by-second traffic signal control and monitoring
  • Traffic responsive operation
  • Capable of controlling 1500 traffic signals
  • 100 groups of intersections
  • Capable of monitoring 3000 sampling detectors of various types
  • Special event plans
  • Time of day operation capable
  • Manual control of intersections and groups when required
  • Real-time geographic information system
  • Graphical user interface
  • Priority signal treatment of the County’s 250 bus fleet


  • Traffic signal control and coordination:
  • Decreases traffic congestion
  • Increases rush hour travel speeds by 14-20%
  • Decreases the number of rear end collisions
  • Improves system’s efficiency and decrease delay by an estimated 17-37%
  • Decreases the average number of vehicle stops resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption and carbon monoxide emissions
  • Improves incident and special event management