ATMS Information - Internet

The implementation of the Department of Transportation's world wide web site has proven to be very popular. On an average, the ATMS website receives 40,000 hits a day. During severe weather conditions and holidays the number of hits has often reached 300,000 hits per day.

The Internet address:

The ATMS homepage provides a link to:

  • Real-time traffic and transit information including Ride On bus delays, incidents, congestion, construction, special events
  • All Ride On bus schedules, maps, route and fare information
  • Live traffic camera snapshots updated every few minutes
  • Live Travelers Advisory Radio (TAR) using Real Audio
  • TMC guestbook for questions and comments
  • Snow plow operations information
  • On-line form to report potholes and unplowed streets
  • Other MCDOT Divisions
  • Government and Public School closings information
  • Channel 4 Weather, The Weather Channel, National Weather Service
  • Directions to TMC
  • Information on ATMS

Interconnecting roads
Future enhancements to the Website will include real-time traffic data from the ATMS’s
Graphical Information System (GIS). ATMS also plans to provide an Internet link to the I-95
Corridor Coalition network.




  • Real-time travel information for commuters to make educated mode, route and travel time choices
  • Reaches world wide audience
  • Gives citizens a direct contact to the Department of Transportation