ATMS Information — Media Relations

Traffic Reporting Services (Metro Traffic, Shadow Traffic)

Metro Traffic and Shadow Traffic are two major traffic reporting services that cover the greater Washington, D.C. area including parts of Virginia and Maryland. They operate single engine surveillance airplanes and provide traffic information to local radio stations and other media. Metro Traffic and Shadow Traffic work very closely with the Transportation Management Center (TMC) and Montgomery County's Traffic Surveillance aircraft, MC-10.

Broadcast Media

The ATMS video traffic cameras are used on a daily basis by local commercial broadcast television stations (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and News Channel 8). All stations have dedicated links directly from the TMC. All of their communication connections are high quality transmission links with full motion video. One is a microwave connection and the remaining are fiber optic.

ATMS has always had very positive relations with the media. One of the most recent projects underway is developing a two-way live interview connection. Television stations frequently send their crew members to the Transportation Management Center to conduct live interviews with the TMC personnel. A permanent remote set up will further encourage the broadcast stations to conduct live interviews on transportation conditions.

Print Media

Press releases are published through the Montgomery County Office of Public Information. Division of Traffic and Parking Services officials and TMC staff frequently speak to reporters on specific items including traffic signals, speed humps, incidents, road closures and other transportation related issues.

Tours and Educational Presentations

ATMS offers local, national, international organizations the opportunity to observe the operations of an integrated traffic and transit management system.