ATMS Information — Travelers Advisory Radio System (TARS)


The Travelers Advisory Radio System (TARS) covers approximately 10% of Montgomery County with 12 low wattage transmitters using 590 AM or 1070 AM. The same audio used for the TARS is broadcast on County Cable 55 and the Internet.

TARS messages provide motorists with information on incidents, construction, maintenance activities, and special events. TARS is also used to enhance safety and to manage traffic flow by diverting travelers to less congested roadways. TMC technicians update TARS messages with real-time transportation information related to traffic and transit.




car radioBENEFITS:

TARS provides real-time transportation information to travelers:

  • Warning of roadway incidents and/or congestion
  • Warning of adverse environmental conditions such as snow, ice, rain and fog
  • Notification of roadway construction, closure and maintenance activities
  • Detour information
  • Alternate route advisories
  • Notification of special events impacting traffic such as the Montgomery County Fair, sporting events and parades
  • Transit information including Montgomery County's Ride On bus service