TMC Overview

The Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) is composed of multiple integrated subsystems controlled and monitored from the Transportation Management Center (TMC). The ATMS is based on an open architecture that uses the latest Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies to provide real-time transportation system control, monitoring, and information. The open architecture promotes the growth and the integration of systems from multiple vendors.


  • Traffic responsive signal system
  • Changeable lane use signs (LUS)
  • Variable speed limit signs (FUTURE)


  • Detection (Inductance loop, microwave, machine vision, etc.)
  • Traffic video camera system
  • Aerial traffic monitoring
  • Vehicle probes (buses, county vehicles, taxis, etc.)
  • Traffic Watch Team (FUTURE)
  • Parking management (FUTURE)
  • Weather/pavement sensors (FUTURE)
  • Electronic enforcement (red light)
  • Service Patrol


  • Travelers Advisory Radio System (TARS)
  • Cable television
  • Broadcast media (television and radio)
  • Internet/Intranet ( /DOT-TMC/Information/getinternet.html)
  • Satellite television services (FUTURE)
  • Traffic reporting services (Metro and Shadow Traffic)
  • Kiosks
  • Traveler Advisory Telephone System
  • In-vehicle, cellular, paging services (FUTURE)
  • Variable message signs and route guidance signs
  • Variable message signs at major transit bus shelters and metro stations