ATMS Information — Traveler Information System 

Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) is an integration of CONTROL, MONITORING and INFORMATION designed to:

  • Improve mobility, safety, and transportation productivityRide On transit sign
  • Optimize the use of existing facilities and energy resources, and
  • Address environmental issues

Traveler Information System is essential for the transportation system to operate efficiently and safely. Travelers realize the benefits of transportation information. Numerous survey results indicate that travelers are frequently willing to adjust their travel patterns, routes, times and modes based on transportation information.

Pre-trip Traveler Information System can help travelers plan their trips prior to departure and before a mode of transportation has been selected. Based on accurate real-time transportation information travelers can make educated choices to determine the best mode of transportation, route and time. Pre-trip information systems encourage the use of high occupancy vehicle alternatives, such a transit and ridesharing, in place of travel by single occupancy vehicles.

En-route Traveler Information System can also help travelers make informed decisions and itinerary changes while a trip is underway. An informed driver can continue on a planned route or divert to an alternate to avoid delays.