MCDOT Fatal Injury Crash Reporting

When a fatal injury crash occurs along a County-maintained roadway, MCDOT reviews the traffic controls and traffic control devices, including lighting, at and near the location where the fatal injury crash occurred.  Some serious injury crash reports may be included, where no fatal injuries resulted from the event.   Following the fatal injury review, MCDOT generates a final report that includes the review findings. If any traffic control device is not functioning, missing or is less visible due to wear and/or age, that device will be repaired, installed or replaced. The crash reviews are conducted within days of the occurrence of the fatal injury crash and the final reports may be viewed at the following links:

2020 Reports
2021 Reports
2022 Reports
2023 Reports
2024 Reports

For more information related to these reports, you may contact MCDOT at [email protected]