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Temporary Traffic Control:

The most recent Montgomery County Work Zone Traffic Control Standards Book (July 2012) is available for download. All pages and drawings are in PDF format. As requirements and drawings are revised, this page wil be updated appropriately.

General/Background Information

Title Page 
Table of Contents
Traffic Control Preparation Guidelines and Requirements
Utility Requirements

Standards - Single Download

All Drawings

Standards - Individual Downloads

TTCP-100.01:  Spacing Chart

TTCP-100.02:  Portable Variable Message Sign Placement

TTCP-101.01:  Shoulder Work

TTCP-101.02:  Off the Road and Shoulder

TTCP-102.01:  Partial Lane Closure

TTCP-102.02:  Flagging Control Non-Intersection

TTCP-102.03:  Maintaining Two-Way Traffic by Encroaching into Opposing Traffic Flow

TTCP-102.04:  Maintaining Two-Way Traffic while Working in Center of Roadway

TTCP-102.05:  Mobile Operation <15 Min

TTCP-102.06:  Moving Marking Operation - 1

TTCP-103.01:  Right Lane Closure - Divided

TTCP-103.02:  Right Lane Closure - Undivided

TTCP-103.03:  Left Lane Closure - Divided

TTCP-103.04:  Left Lane Closure - Undivided

TTCP-103.05:  Left Lane Closure - Intersection Far Side

TTCP-103.06:  Moving Marking Operation - 2

TTCP-104.01:  Two-Way Left Turn Lane Closure

TTCP-105.01:  Flagging Control at 4-Leg Intersection - 1

TTCP-105.02:  Flagging Control at 4-Leg Intersection - 2

TTCP-105.03:  Flagging Control at 3-Leg Intersection - 1

TTCP-105.04:  Flagging Control at 3-Leg Intersection - 2

TTCP-105.05:  Flagging Control at 3-Leg Intersection - 3

TTCP-105.06:  Flagging Control at 3-Leg Intersection - 4

TTCP-105.07:  Flagging Control at 3-Leg Intersection Far-Side Closure

TTCP-106.01:  Left Turn Lane Closure

TTCP-106.02:  Right Turn Lane Closure

TTCP-107.01:  Temporary Sidewalk Closure

TTCP-107.01.01:  Sign Detail for Temporary Sidewalk Closure

TTCP-107.01.02:  Sign Detail for Temporary Sidewalk Closure

TTCP-107.02:  Sidewalk By-Pass

TTCP-107.02.01:  Sign Detail for Pedestrian Sidewalk By-Pass

TTCP-107.03:  Covered Walkway

TTCP-108.01:  Ramp Detail for Non-Working Hours

TTCP-109.01:  Advance Channelization and Protection for Barrier Flare Sections

TTCP-109.02:  Reflectorized Markers Placement Detail

TTCP-110.01:  Road Closure Non-Intersection

TTCP-110.02:  Temporary Detour

TTCP-110.02.01:  Sign Details for Temporary Detour


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