Temporary Traffic Control:
Work Zone Types


All utility construction within County right-of-way requires a permit from the Department of Permitting Services. The Department of Permitting Services outlines the permitting process for Utility Permits including how our review of the Traffic Control Plan is integrated into the process. Details of when a site specific Traffic Control Plan is required and what is required on a site specific Traffic Control Plan is available in the Utility Work Zone Traffic Control Requirements. In short, the Department of Permitting Services issues permits and our involvement is limited to review and approval of the Traffic Control Plan.

Information regarding other roadway occupancy (such as Crane and Dumpster) permits can also be found at the Department of Permitting Services.


Our involvement in work zones for Developer’s is reviewing and approving Traffic Control Plans. The Department of Permitting Services outlines the permitting process for Grading Permits. This site also provides details for Traffic Plan Reviews.

Capital Improvement Program 
Our involvement in the County’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is reviewing and approving Traffic Control Plans. An overview of all CIP projects within the County can be found through our Division of Transportation Engineering.

Maryland State Highway Administration 
An overview of active projects along state maintained roads (I-270, I-495, MD 97, MD 355, US 29, etc.) can be found through the Maryland State Highway Administration.