Ride On Route 101 / Ride On extRa



Route 101 operates Monday through Friday, during rush hours only.

Route 101 Schedule (PDF), effective January 29, 2023

Holiday Schedules

No loading of fare cards on Ride On extRa buses. You must have enough fare on your card or use cash on these buses.

This route timetable can also be picked up at these locations:

  • Bethesda Walter Reed
  • NIH

Route Information

Route 101 map (PDF)

Route 101 operates between these stops:

  • Lakeforest Transit Center
  • Summit Avenue
  • S. Westland Drive
  • Shady Grove Metro Station
  • Montgomery College
  • Rockville Metro Station
  • Edmonston Drive
  • Templeton Place
  • Halpine Road (1 block from Twinbrook Metro)
  • Marinelli Road (White Flint Metro)
  • Security Lane
  • Tuckerman Lane (Grosvenor Metro)
  • Medical Center Metro Station

Route Destination Signs

These are the destination signs shown on the top front and right side of the bus.

101 Lakeforest

101 Medical Center