Commuting & Travel Options

MCDOT provides travel options and supports programs that offer alternatives to driving solo. Through incentives and a variety of tools for employers, employees and other travelers, MCDOT works with you to provide flexible solutions for a better commute. 

COMMUTer ServiceS

Learn about services, incentives & tools available to promote transportation alternatives.

Employer & Employee Services
Commuter Services promotes Better Ways to Work with a variety of incentives and tools to help make our roads less crowded while providing reliable transportation alternatives.
  • Transportation Management Districts
    Transportation Management Districts (TMDs) provide concentrated services to encourage the use of transit and other commuting options in Montgomery County's major business districts.

Commuter & Travel OPtions

  • Public Transit
    We can help you get there fast and sometimes free! We’ll plan your route, leave extra change in your pocket, and put a smile on your face. The greater metro area is easily accessible via Ride On, Metrobus, Metrorail, or MARC.
  • Carpool & Vanpool
    You can save wear and tear on both your vehicle and on yourself by commuting the smart way - by carpool or vanpool
  • Biking & Walking
    Biking and walking to work are healthy ways to make your daily commute
  • Bikeshare
    Montgomery County is now part of the regional Capital Bikeshare system
  • Car Share
    Car sharing is very similar to car rental but with a difference: You can use the car sharing vehicle for as little as a half-hour and the cars are located in the communities or adjacent to major transit locations rather than at a central car rental location.
  • Taxi
    Taxicabs provide fast, clean, licensed, curb-to-curb transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
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