Frequently Asked Questions

(Thank you to Ms. Lee Keiser, past president of a Bethesda civic association, for her efforts on this information.)

Q: New to the County?

A: Visit the County's Newcomers web page.

Q: How to request a new sidewalk or traffic calming; and once a sidewalk application is filed, how do I find out where my request is in the queue?

A: Visit Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) website for information about new sidewalks as well as a detailed explanation of the process. Tracking backlog of sidewalk requests: there's no transparency here, but the primary contact is MCDOT's Lori Jean - Main Phone: (240) 777-7271.

Traffic calming (definition, eligibility)
Before submitting a traffic-calming request, read the regulations.

Q: How to file for a Block Party street-closure?

A: For Block Party street-closures, visit MCDOT Division of Traffic Operations Special Events web page.

IMPORTANT NOTE : The application says to file two months ahead of event date, but MCDOT is very good about turning these applications around quickly. If your neighborhood completed a similar application in recent years, including the prior year's MCDOT-assigned record (or reference) number will help to expedite your new request. Remember to include a map, and use a highlighter pen to define the event area or parade route.

Q: How do I communicate about street sign or traffic light concerns?

A: Create a MC311 service request.

Q: How to reserve civic space and MCPS facilities for sports, meetings, rehearsals, etc.?

A: This is handled through the County's Community Use of Public Facilities. This requires establishing an "Active Montgomery" account; and if reserving space on behalf of an organization, one would need to first register that organization. Note that different types of facilities have different rental period "opening dates". For example, the rental period for community rooms in County libraries opens around October 15 for rentals starting in January.

Q: How to use the Pedestrian Walk Audit Toolkit?

A: This resource is from Montgomery Planning, developed as part of their Pedestrian Master Plan initiative. Visit the Montgomery County Planning website for the Toolkit. More information about registering for Toolkit training sessions may also be found by visiting the Montgomery County Planning's Pedestrian Walk Audit Toolkit Training web page.

Q: How can I find out about county-sponsored internships, for high school and college students?

A: Police Explorer Program: See page 6 of this report at Montgomery County Police Department.

Q: How can I request a speaker from the Police Department, District 2 (Bethesda), or go on a Ride-Along?

A: Email [email protected]. Or, call the 2nd District (Bethesda) at (240) 773-6700 (non-emergency phone). For District 1 (Rockville) inquiries, call (240) 773-6070.

Q: How do I register my child for kindergarten?

A: Visit the Montgomery County Public Schools website for instructions.

Q: What is the Bethesda Historical Society, and when is their next Bethesda walking tour?

A: Visit Bethesda Historical Society and check their "Upcoming Events."