Friendship Heights Urban District Advisory Committee

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Friendship Heights Urban District Advisory Commitee Meetings

June 24, 2024
September 16, 2024

Join the meeting in-person or virtually using Microsoft TeamsMeeting ID: 224 973 603 224 and the Passcode: VYtUT8.

About the Committee


Montgomery County Code, Sec. 68A-5 (a)(4)


The Committee should, by July 15th of each year, advise the County government on all aspects of the program, management, and finances of the urban district; by September 15th of each year, review the urban district budget and submit comments to the department; and by October 1 of each year, meet with the head of the department to resolve areas of disagreement regarding the budget.


The County Executive must strive to appoint two commercial property owners in the district nominated by the Friendship Heights Alliance; one resident renter in the district; one residential property owner in the district; and one business representative nominated by the Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce.


  • James (Jad) A. Donohoe, Commercial Property Owner
  • John Ziegenhein, Commercial Property Owner
  • Danielle R. Leopold, Resident Renter
  • Clara M. Lovett, Residential Property Owner
  • Ellen Coren, Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce - Business Representative

Committee Contact

Peter Fosselman, Director
Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Director
4805 Edgemoor Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814
Telephone: 240-777-8416

Meeting Agendas and Minutes