Drug Court Collaboration

Ivan Downing, Division Chief
Community Corrections 
Pre-Release and Reentry Services
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In collaboration with Pre-Release Services, Drug Court has the option of placing clients just coming out of jail, or in lieu of going to jail, at the Pre-Release Center for a period of time to gain stability. While at the Pre-Release CenterDrug Court clients are full participants of Drug Court with all the responsibilities that entails; however as residents at PRC they are expected to follow all rules and responsibilities of their reentry plan and contract here at the Center.

Drug Court clients are required to attend the Outpatient Addiction Services therapy groups, three Twelve-Step meetings a week and appear before a Drug Court Judge in Court on a weekly basis. Drug Court residents meet weekly with their case manager at PRC and work on their reentry plan and are expected to maintain full-time employment and to seek sober housing. Outpatient Addiction Services also provides case management services in addition to the substance abuse therapy. A PRRS Case Manager attends the Drug Court case management staffing meeting weekly to ensure open and shared communication.