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Pre-Release and Reentry Services
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Employment of PRRS residents is a critical component of the reentry process. Residents entering the Pre-Release Center possess a wide-ranging set of skills and work experiences, from those who have never held a job to those who bring years of experience and a wide variety of work skills to their employers. Residents are expected to obtain meaningful full-time employment in the community. PRRS residents are employed in jobs located throughout the metropolitan area, including work in construction, food service, retail, landscaping, administrative support and professional positions. During their tenure at PRRS, residents are coached on work ethics and appropriate work behaviors. They are counseled on contributing value to an employer and building careers by applying themselves on the job and furthering their education and training.

Work Release Coordinators at PRRS work with both residents and employers to ensure appropriate job placement, making certain that employers are aware of a resident’s current status. Work Release Coordinators maintain an ongoing relationship with employers in the community to ensure accountability and to evaluate the resident’s job performance. In 2013, residents earned $1,614,642 in gross income, returned $302,008 in taxes to the community (averaging $25,167/month) and contributed $285,234 in program fees.

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PRRS Work Release Coordinator Contact Information

Name Job Title Telephone
Gina Thompson Reentry Services Manager 240-773-4243
Aisha Williams Work Release Coordinator (240) 773-4224