Job Readiness and Retention

Ivan Downing, Division Chief
Community Corrections 
Pre-Release and Reentry Services
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 Job Readiness and Retention Program is a one week workshop developed and conducted by Pre-Release and Reentry Services (PRRS) Work Release Coordinators. All new residents, unless already employed with an approved job or exempted for a specific reason identified in the case file, must participate in this program. The classes in the series are designed to provide the class participants with the tools to help them prepare for successful employment in the community. Topics include legal documents, employment applications and resumes, good grooming, values and ethics, problem solving, planning a successful job search, interview techniques and job retention.

The program also offers career assessments for residents to develop future career paths and participants are introduced to the Center’s Career Resource Center (CRC). The CRC provides supervised access to the internet to post resumes and gather information about employment opportunities.