Pre-Release and Reentry Services
Community Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Advisory Date
Administrative Conference Room, MDCD
Warden William L. Smith ~ (240) 777-9962
MCDC Warden Office

PRRS Chief Office


Committee Members and Guests Attendance:

Andrea Baker, PRRS Resident Supervisor;  Michael Bohman, Welcome Home Program Mentor; Patricia Braun, PRRS Unit Manager,  Eric Brenner, Maryland State Governor's Grants Office;  Father Michael Bryant; Thomas DeGonia, Private Attorney;  Shawn Flower, Choice Research Association; Melissa George, Welcome Home Program Reentry Coordinator; Christine Johnson, PRRS Unit III Manager; John Jones, Community Member;  Stefan LoBuglio, PRRS Division Chief; Debra Lyons-Prince, PRRS Community Release Coordinator;  Tina Michaels, PRRS Correctional Screener; Mary Mulholland, Silver Spring Interfaith Housing Coalition; Kate O'Sullivan, Independent Consultant and MC Work Force Investment Board Youth Counselor Member;  Dr. Diane Scott-Jones, Community Member; Anthony Rene, Welcome Home Program Mentor; Janina Roncevic, Welcome Home Mentor; James Shannon, PRRS Unit Manager; Ada Laura Stein, Matrix Knowledge Group; Paul Sheppard, Welcome Home Program Mentor; Angela Voegele, PRRS Academic Intern; Reverend Timothy Warner.  


Stefan LoBuglio welcome the group


  1. Welcome and Introductions 

  2. PRRS Chief's Report

  3. Partnership with the Conflict Resolution Center

  4. PRRS Community Service Program

  5. Nominations for New PRRS Community Advisory Board Chair

  6. Meeting Dates:
    Thursday, May 21, 2009
    Thursday, August 20, 2009
    Thursday, November 9, 2009

  7.  Adjournment

Agenda Item No. 1 - Welcome and Introductions  The meeting was called to order at

7:35 A.M. by PRRS Division Chief Stefan LoBuglio.  The Committee members, community members, and PRRS staff all introduced themselves.

Agenda Item No. 2 - PRRS Division Chief's Report :  In his report, Chief LoBuglio highlighted the County's challenging fiscal situation and that the County Executive would release his budget publicly in March which would include cuts for most Departments including the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation.  CAC Member Kent Mason asked about what cuts would occur at PRRS - Chief LoBuglio indicated that he could not share them until after the release of the budget, but added that he was confident that PRRS would remain strong and vital.  Mr. Mason indicated his interest in following up and indicated that he would seek the support of other CAC members to support the PRRS. 


Agenda Item No. 3 _ Partnership with the Conflict Resolution Center:   PRRS recently partnered with the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County to make available mediation services to program participants.  CRCMC liaison and Americorp Volunteer

Brian Sinclair provided the CAC with an overview of the program and its origins in Maryland's prisons.   He explained that service is intended for clients who might need mediation assistance to deal with problematic relationships including personal and professional differences, and would be offered free and on a confidential basis. 

Agenda Item No. 4 _ PRRS Community Service Program  -   Yes You Can Program: Resident Supervisor Andrea Baker gave a brief introduction about the development of a new program at PRRS that would assist identifying more community service opportunities for its residents.  She and another Resident Supervisor have developed the proposal and have sought assistance and guidance from the DOCR's Pre-Trial Division, which has run a robust Community Service Program for years.   


Agenda Item No. 5 _ Nomination for a New PRRS Community Advisory Board Chair:

Chief LoBuglio announced that John Lavigne had stepped down as Chairperson of the Community Advisory Committee after nine years of tremendous service to the program, however he will continue as a member of the Committee.  Chief LoBuglio asked that if any members of the Committee were interested in the Chairperson position, to please notify him. 

A Selection Committee was formed and included Stefan LoBuglio, CAC member Reverend Timothy Warner, and CAC member Eric Brenner. 

By way of history, Kent Mason stated that there has never been a limit on the number of years that a Chairperson served and that there have only been two Chairpersons in the last 25 years.  Prior to John, the Chairperson was a minister who was very proactive in the community.   Chief LoBuglio stated his belief that the Chairperson(s) at a minimum would work with the PRRS Chief to develop the  meeting agenda and would help focus to the work of the CAC.  He added that the Selection Committee would help create a list of expectations of the chairperson position.   Finally, he reminded the CAC members that PRRS faces many changes both internal and external, and that he planned to rely on the new Chairperson for significant guidance and assistance.

Agenda Item No. 6 _ Meeting Dates for 2009

  • Thursday, May 21, 2009 
  • Thursday, August 26, 2009 
  • Thursday, November 19, 2009

Agenda Item No. 7 _ Adjournment :  The meeting adjourned at 9:10 A.M.