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The Design for Life (DFL) Incentive Program is intended to increase the stock of  VISITable  and  LIVEable  housing in Montgomery County through tax incentives, promotion of DFL principles, and engage businesses to provide housing that meets DFL standards.


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DFL Document and Description
Bill 5-13 Property Tax Credit
Accessibility Features - legislation approved by the Montgomery County Council effective July 1, 2014.
Executive Regulation 3-14 Design For Life Tax Incentives (Council Resolution 17-1267)
Describes the purpose and procedures for the DFL Builder / Homeowner and Project Certification Program. Explains how Bill 5-13 will be implemented. Included are definitions, application and processing procedures for requesting property tax credits and Development Impact Tax for School Improvement credits and certification procedures.
Disclosure of Availability of Property Tax Credits for Accessibility Improvements
Template for seller and buyer of a new single family residential real property in Montgomery County.
Impact Tax Credit Certification Agreement
Template tax credit agreement for builders constructing multiple single family dwellings meeting Level I Accessibility Standards.
Application for Residential Building Permit
Permit for Single Family Dwellings, Townhouses, and Duplexes.
Application for Commercial Building Permit
Permit for Multifamily Dwellings.
Building Permit – Supplemental Design For Life Application
Submit with application for Building Permit detailing proposed DFL Accessibility Features and/or Level I or II Accessibility Standards.
Design for Life Technical Guidelines
Manual provides technical guidance on the design and inspection requirements for implementation of Bill 5-13 Property Tax Credit – Accessibility Features
Application for Design for Life Tax Credits
Application to submit to DPS after work has been inspected and the final inspection approved.